Watching BBC iPlayer from outside the UK

{ Posted on Apr 13 2009} - 6 comments

News around the clock, a plethora of TV and radio channels and quality shows. It is the largest broadcaster in the world. It is the most watched TV channel in the UK. It is called BBC and we all love it.

Going to the BBC online website you can browse the latest news headlines, check the TV schedule, check the latest sports results and most interestingly watch TV shows via their iPlayer a day or two after they air on TV! With BBC’s iPlayer you can easily view virtually everything one can watch on TV. There are reports of one couple in the UK who sold their TV and now are watching everything on the Internet, not needing to pay the TV tax anymore!

If you’re a man, then probably you’re into Top Gear. The Apprentice would make a good watch too, while the new series of Doctor Who might appeal to the female viewers. The Planet Earth documentary series is also available and is much appreciated as well.

As for British citizens living outside the UK in countries like Australia, USA, France, Spain, and Cyprus, their only access to the UK is through the Internet. You’d think that since BBC has a well run website, one can easily keep in touch with what’s happening back home and watch their favorite shows. Well, not exactly. If you connect to the BBC website from outside the UK, their website detects this denies you access to the iPlayer.

One way to access BBC iPlayer from outside the UK is through a UK VPN account. This is currently the most solid, safe and secure way to do it. Proxies cannot handle the streaming videos and are an easily be detected and blocked. Using a username and password, one can connect to a VPN server in the UK and get assigned a UK based IP address. No matter where you are located, be it Australia, Thailand, Spain, Cyprus or the Caribbean, you can appear to the BBC website as having a proper UK IP address and bypassing the iPlayer restrictions to access your favorite BBC shows.

But wait, it gets even better! As the VPN is encrypted and has a strong firewall, you are also much safer when accessing Internet via a VPN account then you normally are when connecting to the Internet from remote locations in the world but the security aspect of VPN is a while other story.


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6 Responses to “Watching BBC iPlayer from outside the UK”

  1. I really don’t like this institution watching tv with licence we all have to buy the VPN connection
    by hook or by a crook
    watch this i am really crazy about this hope you like it.

  2. I started to use Super VPN Serices and so far the experience has been great! With VPN account for iPlayer you can watch your favorite TV shows from BBC online without any restrictions free and safe.

  3. @Andrew.
    The majority of laws are created to guide people who do not have their own intuition as to what is right or wrong. Even if this was the law, which as J C demonstrates, it isn’t, it doesn’t make sense to me so it is not worth following.

  4. Lots of people watch Iplayer from outside the UK using VPN I don’t think the BBC will be trying to track down people breaking the law watching live TV threw a VPN, it’s just too difficult to track down the end user.

  5. Andrew – that is not correct. You can watch iPlayer in the UK without a TV license as the content is on demand, post-linear broadcast. TV license only refers to watching programmes as live. You can’t therefore legally watch streamed TV (eg BBC 3) live without the license, but iPlayer is fine.

  6. You can’t watch BBC IPlayer *IN* the UK without a TV license. It is an offence and you could be fined up to ¬£1000. Just a warning for anyone thinking about it…. and that’s even if you do not have a TV.