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VPN provider (opens in new tab) Surfshark (opens in new tab) has a separate privacy service known as Incogni (opens in new tab). This Is a subscription based service, designed for individuals to be able to get their data from a data broker’s service. This would be overly time consuming for an individual to perform manually, as there are hundreds of databases. Not only do you need to get the data out, but the next challenge is to keep it out, and Incogni will continue to sweep these many databases, searching for your name and personal info, and removing it, thereby keeping the info out of these databases.

Incogni: Features

Incogni has its goal to get back control of your data privacy (opens in new tab), as folks end up with multiple pieces of their information in these databases. Data brokers continuously collect data on individuals, from a wide variety of sources, including scouring the internet including social media (opens in new tab). Another source is the public sources, such as public databases such as property records to gain names with addresses, or alumni databases to find graduates of a certain school. 

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