Reviews of VPN providers

Here you can a find detailed list and reviews of as many VPN providers as i can find. I am not referring to site-to-site vpn for commercial uses, but VPN accounts for anonymous and secure internet connection from PCs (or MACs). These are useful in countries that block or censor internet access like UAE or for anonymity and security when using unsecured public WiFi.

I am currently compiling a list of as many as i can find and will write an article reviewing each one and detailing the specs and quality for the service and support and giving them a rating out of 5. So far i only have experience with and, they have slightly different services, one specialize in Pay-monthly plans and uses PPTP (a type of protocol for VPN, which is fast and easy to setup) the other has Pre-paid accounts for shorter usage and can offer PPTP & IPSEC (another type of VPN, a little more complicated) and they have servers based in Germany for those in the USA who like to gamble. I just found out that BananaVPN now offer IPSEC on request too. If you are in Sweden and would like to a local provider then there is In Switzerland there is Unfortunately the free vpn provider has gone out of business and is up for sale. There is also HappyVPN and Libertyvpn, both also work with the new PPTP VPN client for Nokia phones called SymVPN.

Prices vary from $5/month to $25/month and some providers have bandwidth restrictions others give you full unrestricted access. In most cases expect the speed to be 10% slower than your your current connection speed. This is because of the encryption and compression needed for VPN connections but in some cases the speed is actually faster especially if you are a Comcast user and are downloading with P2P software or if your ISP does bandwidth throttling. SSL VPNs are the slowest but more secure and PPTP/L2TP are the fastest and easiest to use and usually no software is needed to setup a connection on your PC, Mac or iPhone.

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