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Tenta Browser is a free Android browser with a strong focus on security and privacy, and a built-in VPN with unlimited data.

A clever Zones feature enables having different locations at the same time for any or all your browser tabs. No need to manually switch servers any more, as Tenta tabs can each be set to any of the VPN’s eleven locations (North America, UK, Amsterdam, Lithuania, Tokyo, Singapore, Australia.)

Tenta’s own built-in secure DNS system ensures your ISP (and other snoopers) won’t be able to spy on your browsing. And unlike many VPN providers, you don’t have to take the company’s word about what it’s doing. The system is powered by open-source software and you can set up and use Tenta’s DNS servers on your other devices, whether you use the browser or not.

There are stacks of security features, including integrated AdBlock and HTTPS Everywhere, support for privacy-first search engines including DuckDuckGo and StartPage, an encrypted vault for media, fine-tuned control over your browsing history, a built-in QR Code reader and PIN code and fingerprint locks to keep snoopers at bay.

The major restriction with the free Tenta Browser VPN is you can’t choose your location, as it’s automatically set to your nearest server. It’s essentially just a proxy, too, where the VPN only protects the browser tabs.

Upgrading to Tenta Pro gets you a device-wide VPN, where your app traffic will also be protected by the tunnel, and access to all 21 locations. There are also some worthwhile privacy extras, including Tenta’s ad and tracker blocking.

Tenta Pro is priced at $5 a month, dropping to a tiny $1 if you pay for a year up-front. That’s not quite as an amazing deal as it looks, because it only covers a single device (most VPN plans cover at least 5), but if that’s all you need, it could save you a lot of cash.

If you’re interested, trying out the free plan gives you a basic idea of how the service works, and a seven-day free Tenta Pro trial enables testing the full product for yourself.


Tenta Browser
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