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Firewalla’s Gold Plus firewall (opens in new tab) refreshes its Gold model with a faster CPU and higher network throughput. Backed by an excellent mobile app and frequent firmware releases, the box will provide peace of mind when web surfing, filtering content on the fly without hiccups, and guarding against external attacks. The hardware is protected against obsolescence since it supports adding more memory in terms of RAM and storage.

The Gold Plus keeps the same form factor as previous Firewalla products, housing the embedded computer in a small metal enclosure. The passively cooled unit provides four 2.5Gbit Ethernet ports, two USB 3.0 connectors, and an HDMI output, giving the Linux-based OS a display console. The case becomes warm when used, while the lack of moving parts increases the device’s reliability. 

Firewalla Gold Plus: Pricing and availability

Firewalla has a range of domestic firewall appliances, with their least expensive at $199 and featuring basic filtering without any Internet routing capability. The Gold Plus is their best performer and will set you back by $589. The Firewalla Gold is slightly slower at processing packets but costs $485. 

Firewalla Gold Plus front

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