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Are you ready for the 2022 NBA playoffs livestreams? Yes, this weekend marks the annual tradition of the best of the best clashing to make it to the NBA Finals. And hot off the play-in tournament win, the always-interesting Nets think they can survive in Boston

NBA playoffs channels

Round 1 begins: Saturday (April 16) and Sunday (April 17)
Where to watch in the U.S.: NBA playoffs air on TNT, TBS, ABC and NBA TV. All are available on Sling TV, currently on sale at $10 off for the first month.
Watch from anywhere: with ExpressVPN.

To do that, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will have to work in harmony as they did against the team’s 115-108 win over Cleveland on Tuesday. Boston’s defense, though, is expected to give the Nets more trouble than they can handle, and we’re curious if coach Steve Nash’s cautious optimism will be able to get the team far. There’s also the (many) questions surrounding Ben Simmons. Will he play? Will he erase the issues from his time in Philly? Only time will tell. 

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