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I’m excited to introduce the new Ericom Application Isolator software solution, and delighted to report that the reception it has received is overwhelmingly positive. Over the past few months, a number of customers have put the solution through its paces and used it to improve the security of their VPNs and corporate networks. They gave it strong reviews, so it is great to get it into the hands of the whole market now, so additional organizations can begin to benefit from the security boost it provides.

As covered in our press release, Ericom Application Isolator software is the simple, cost-effective, free (for the Standard Version) way to add Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) security controls to existing VPNs and corporate networks. It eliminates the risk of overly broad system access by automatically limiting remote and internal application and resource access to only what is typically required by the organization’s users. Beyond enforcing least-privileged access, it also cloaks applications from unauthorized users, thereby isolating them from attack. Since attackers cannot see apps, databases, and other resources on the network, they cannot launch lateral movement attacks. This approach helps stop the spread of malware, like crippling new ransomware strains that seem to make headlines almost every day.

Ericom Application Isolator addresses the security risks of modern networks and the reality of how they are accessed and used.  Today’s networks are vastly different from those of a decade ago. Applications are spread between datacenters and the cloud, and users expect seamless anytime access from anywhere, on any device. Outdated perimeter-based trust assumptions place businesses at significant risk. In the office, logged-on users have unfettered network access. VPNs likewise “trust” remote users fully once they connect and grant them similar broad network access. This unlimited reach exposes large attack surfaces, enabling easy lateral spread when a connected device is compromised, stolen, or lost.

The closures and restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic have created financial challenges for many businesses.  Even those that have not felt an immediate hit are freezing budgets and planned security upgrades in favor of keeping processes running and employees safe. With planned IT projects on hold, organizations are instead doubling-down on their existing VPNs to connect their newly-remote workforces to the apps and data they need – and unwittingly exposing applications and data in corporate networks to more risk than ever.   

We realized that existing networks and VPNs needed a simple security upgrade to address this newly-expanded risk efficiently and at low – or no – cost to organizations. Our goal was to make apps and resources invisible to hackers if they manage to get into a network, so that lateral movement attacks are impossible. This upgrade also needed to limit access even for authenticated users, to only the specific apps they need to use, thereby reducing the risk of insider attacks.

Ericom Application Isolator delivers a straight-forward, low-friction way to give existing VPNs and corporate networks Zero Trust Network Access security, a key part of Gartner’s Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) framework. Best of all, it’s designed to work with leading VPNs and NGFWs from companies like Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Check Point, Fortinet, Forcepoint, OpenVPN, and more, so there is no need to replace your existing equipment.

To help organizations immediately improve the security of their networks, Ericom is offering a free Standard Edition of the Ericom Application Isolator solution.  This fully capable version of the enterprise software can be downloaded here, with no obligation. We also offer low-cost Advanced Edition that include additional features and capabilities, such as automating the process of establishing per-user remote and internal secure access policies, even for organizations with thousands of users.

I urge you to download the software and give it a try. I believe you will find it a powerful way to give your network a Zero Trust Security boost and to experience first-hand how simple it is to use. Get started now by downloading the Ericom Application Isolator Standard Edition for free.


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