Maximum Security
While connected to tigerVPN, we encrypt your session using 128/256-bit SSL key, to prevent anybody (including ourselves) from eavesdropping your activity and data. Plus, you enjoy great privacy hiding your IP behind one of ours.


Karma Rewards
We believe the best marketing is done by happy customers. If you like our service and help us spread the word, we will reward your account with Karma Points, which can be used to redeem subscription time or to add extra connections, free of charge.


Built for Speed
We have built tigerVPN from scratch to provide the best service possible. We do not rely on any third-party and have written the software ourselves. We own and manage the servers, the colocation and the upstream connectivity.


No Limits. No Caps.
tigerVPN was built to perform. We signed contracts with suppliers to enable each server (we use multiple servers) capacity uplinks of 1Gbps. Our Bandwidth health detection can reroute the traffic on those servers to provide stable performance even on peak times.


Simple Plan
At tigerVPN our core features are included in all plans. You get access to all servers, any location, all protocols and unlimited usage. Some plans also include access to our Karma Rewards program and will help you save money if prepaid.


No Software Required
 Our service is entirely software free (openVPN SSL requires a 3rd party tool). Therefore, you can enjoy our service on any popular device that supports the VPN protocol. For example. PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Boxee Box, WiFi Routers and more.


Easy Setup
Besides our very detailed step by step configuration guide, we also provide a video guided setup how to activate our service. And for iOS users, we have an auto configuration tool.


Access All Areas
All customers have access to the full list of network locations: 49 Server Locations in 36 Countries. From United States to Sydney, we got you covered.

tigerVPN average rating: 3.0 /5 based on 10 reviews.

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