Boost Your Wi-Fi With an Eero Pro Mesh Router for $75 – 2022-10-13 14:57:00 – Source link

Leave dead zones, drop-outs and buffering behind with a mesh router upgrade. Replacing your old Wi-Fi router with a mesh router can help ensure you have reliable internet throughout your entire home. And right now at Woot you can get up to three Eero Pro mesh routers for $75 each — that’s a 53% savings. This offer is only available today while supplies last, so be sure to get your order in sooner rather than later.

Amazon’s Eero Pro mesh router replaces your traditional Wi-Fi router for better coverage throughout your home. It only takes one Eero Pro router to boost your signal, but you can pair it with another Eero Pro or Eero Beacon to add even coverage as needed. It’s worth noting that Eero Pro is also backwards compatible with first-gen Eero routers.

This router features tri-band technology and it has two gigabit Ethernet ports to help you easily connect your favorite devices or additional Eero Pro routers to get the fastest speeds you can. Setting up your new router takes just minutes, and once it’s done you can manage your Wi-Fi through the mobile app. Eero Pro also automatically updates overnight, keeping you protected with the latest security and features.

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