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The advancement in technology has also paved way for digital crooks who track your online activities and strike. The following are simple and effective ways how to mask your identity online;

Authenticate Public Wi-Fi Safety

Various business premises provide their clients and users with Wi-Fi for use. However, many public Wi-Fi hotspots are not encrypted and this leaves you the user exposed to hackers. Moreover, copycats can form their own hotspots and target you.

Verify with the business entity or organization if they have legitimate Wi-Fi access. To be on the safer side, use a VPN while accessing public Wi-Fi in order to mask your identity online.

Premium Virtual Private Network Services

With a VPN, your internet connection is funnelled through its own network pathways and can mask your identity online. This eventually hides your IP address making it safer for you to surf anonymously.

If someone tracks you, they will only be able to know the VPN that you are using and not where you are. Avoid free VPN services because they most probably sell your data to cover operational costs and can encrypt your data.

Web Proxy Services

Just like a VPN, a web proxy service carries your connections through its own servers. This filtering eventually masks your identity and hides the IP address.

However, hiding your IP address does not necessarily mean that it has been concealed. Hackers can still find you if you don’t pay for a good one.  Hide your identity online today for your own safety.

Go Anonymous with your Email

Your email is like your home address and can easily show where you are. To mask your identity online use an anonymous email service. It blocks any potential threat because hackers use some of the details found in your email to track you.

Use Specialty Browsers

There are browsers that give you access to a free built-in VPN. A great example is Opera and TOR browser, which is well known for masking your online activities. TOR is free and will mask your identity online.

Be on the Safe Side

Digital attacks on individuals and organizations have been on the rise. These few tricks on how to mask your identity online will go a long way in throwing off cyber criminals and protecting your digital space.

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