I bought this tiny workstation — and it’s almost the perfect mini PC

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Getting a new computer to replace a dying one is usually a big investment even if you decide to pick out the parts and build it yourself. However, as I wasn’t looking to replace my main PC, I decided to go a different route and pick up a refurbished system instead.

Back in the summer, I used an old monitor and an underpowered mini PC to build a digital dashboard for my office. Unlike the Echo Show 15 that now hangs in my kitchen, it’s highly customizable with all the important information I need each day — like my calendar and the latest stories from Tom’s Guide — available at a glance despite the fact that it’s running on four-year-old hardware.

A wide shot of DAKboard running on a monitor in portrait mode

(Image credit: Future)

Last week though, the mini PC powering my digital dashboard began acting strangely and turning off on its own. As someone who’s familiar with building PCs, I opened it up, cleared the CMOS, reseated the RAM and even reapplied thermal paste to its CPU, to no avail. My mini PC had gone to the great parts bin in the sky.

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