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Kurt Glazemakers – 2020-06-18 10:49:27 – Source link

As lockdown restrictions across the world are only lightly beginning to lift, huge numbers of the global workforce will remain working remotely for much of the year – and beyond. For those used to commuting and now find themselves working from home, the lack of a daily commute may have initially given the impression of having more time. In reality, they have simply traded waiting in one traffic jam for another.

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Kurt Glazemakers, SVP Engineering, AppGate.

Instead of idling in car traffic and listening to the radio, employees are now feeling frustrated by having to wait in line to connect to their company network. Research from Zen Internet found that poor connectivity can cost employees up to 72 minutes a day, 14 minutes more than the average UK commute takes. To make matters worse, employees are also having to waste time connecting and disconnecting in a vain attempt to avoid overloading the system. The culprit for these problems? Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

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