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Family and friends of ReadWrite — you will see a few ads in the gift list below — but I had to hurry and get some screenshots off of Amazon because I’m rushing to get this list out to you today.

You’ll find many wonderful items for the special people on your holiday list this year. Usually, we do an all-technology list for the techie in your world — but, this year is different.

You will find many price levels in this list with some cool offerings. Perhaps you will find that one special and unusual gift offering.

Here is a holiday gift list for you.


1. Gamesir X2 Lighting

GameSir Lightning2
GameSir Lightning2

The GameSir has been one of my favs this year — Just stick your phone on and play. GameSir calls this the X2 Lightning for good reason. I feel like I’m on Nintendo Switch, but you’ll not lose one of the side controllers and you won’t have a wobbly connector. Perfect — a one-piece controller — nothing to come loose.  You’ll have to take your phone cover off which bugs me at work — BUT, nothing to lose, all equipment in an awesome case, and easy to fit in your bag! Wonderful — you’ll love it.


2. Wegym

WeGym Home Gym Workout
WeGym Home Gym Workout

It’s hard to get to the gym — and are we headed into more COVID! I hope not, but take the WeGym with you and workout — no excuses.



Bold Made and Taco vs Burrito Card Games
Bold Made and Taco vs Burrito Card Games


Oh my gosh!! What a blast this Bold Made card game. This is a fun card game played like the traditional card game — Old Maid. You will learn a ton about so many historical figures, both kids and adults love it –even the teens ask for a game. This game was on Kickstarter. Try this card game and Taco vs. Burrito — you can’t go wrong!


4. Speedefy WiFi 6 Router, AX1800


Speedefy WiFi 6 Router, AX1800
Speedefy WiFi 6 Router, AX1800

The Sppedefy WiFi 6 Router, AX1800 Router System is a WPA3 Wireless Security system featuring WPA3 encryption protocol. Supports VPN. We have to have a safer router when we have to work at the cabin. Finally, installed this beauty and we can work and not worry about the firewall or the guest who will be using our system (has guest wifi). Setup with the App and supports parental control. We found Amazon the least expensive.

5. Metal Gleam Series 8-in-1 Multifunctional Type-C HUB Docking Station — BASEUS

Baseus docking station
Baseus Metal Gleam Series 8-in-1 Docking Station

This Baseus Metal Gleam Multifunctional docking station really is made with practical use and yet is sleek and beautiful.



ScanWatch Hybrid Smartwatch
ScanWatch Hybrid Smartwatch

The ScanWatch is called a “clinically validated” watch because of its superior parameters to detect heart health conditions. Be your best SAFE self with this piece of equipment. The data records onto your phone so you have a perfect record of events (or the lack of them). You’ll always be sure and safe.

7. BASEUS A3 Car Vacuum Cleaner Model # CRXCQA3


best car vacuum
Baseus A3 Car Vacuum Cleaner CRXCQA3 135W

You can get the Baseus A3 Car Vacuum from the Baseus site or on Amazon. The sucking power is fantastic! Zoom over the back seat and stuff the kids drop in the car and your car will always look great. I’m not going to have the kids eat in the car yet — but sure love this little beauty!


8. Instapot

Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Cooker

The best information I read about Instapot is on the Google Wikipedia page. You can find these at Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy and many places. But my best recommendation is that when I moved last time a cousin dropped one of these off to me as a welcome gift. You can find recipes everywhere for the Instapot. Easy, simple, set and go. So very nice when you have to run kids all day long or work many hours.

9. Nest Brush: Self-dispensing Electric Toothbrush.

Electric Toothbrush
Nest Brush Self-dispensing Electric Toothbrush

Have to say when I first saw this toothbrush the black bristles bugged me — But the Nest Electric Toothbrush is a beauty and the smooth brushing is wonderful. My mouth has never felt so clean. The head moves in a traditional brushing motion — not one of the whirly-gigs I don’t like. You’ve likely seen this Nest Brush on Kickstarter. You’ll want to get one.


10. Igloohome Smart Keybox3

smart lock box
Keybox3 smart lockbox

When you buy this Keybox — be sure to get the Keybox3 — not the 2. We keep locking ourselves out of the office — like someone goes to the office and has to wait until someone else arrives. What a colossal waste of time — especially in a startup office. So the Keybox3 is now attached to the railing outside our door. It is so sturdy and stong and BIG — this could not be cut off or bashed off with any amount of force. Holds keys, cards and anything else in the roomie interior. All kinds of possibles with the changing codes, etc. Would be great for switch-offs for AirBnB guests.


11. Bemis Air Purifiers

Bemis Air Purifier
Bemis Air Purifier

I wasn’t going to add an air purifier to this gift list — but any of these Bemis Air Purifiers are a truly caring and loving gift. I have one in my main living space and one in my main bedroom. They are so effective that I have a more portable handheld that I can stick in my suitcase. We live by a freeway and I worry about the fumes. In winter we get an inversion. I have purchased many of these in the last few years because of COVID and other things. I feel safer knowing my air is being cleaned. If someone smokes I can turn the tower on full blast and it clears out the air before the complainer gets there. Very quiet.


12. Level Smart lock

level smart lock
Level invisible Smart Lock

You can do this home upgrade yourselves ladies! The Verge said the process only takes ten minutes and I must admit that it took me ten minutes to get up enough nerve to do the upgrade. When the repair guy didn’t show up — I tackled the project with a full half day on a Saturday. After about 15 minutes I was done and had the afternoon free. Best of all you can’t see this Level Smart Lock. Nice, clean, sleek — and hidden.

13. BuddyPhones – kids headphones

BuddyPhones headphones
BuddyPhones daily use headphones

You can find the BuddyPhones on Amazon and Best Buy and I’ve seen them in a few other places. No more worry about your kid’s hearing — these have the correct volume that parents can control. They are wired, wireless and waterproof. Very sturdy and comfortable. Noise-canceling for when you want homework done.


14. Society Socks — socks for men

Society Socks
Society Socks

These Society Socks are beautiful. Society Socks are a subscription sock company. The patterns are unique and comfortable with ultra-soft combed cotton. Wish they had a little bit taller shaft — but you’ll love these. Present these to all the guys on your list.


15. TrackingFox – Car Tracking Device

trackingfox tracking device
TrackingFox tracking device

TrackingFox is a GPS vehicle tracker for personal use or keeping track of business travel. Easy install. Also on Amazon.


16. Watch Link — connects you to your workout equipment

Apple Watch Link
Apple Watch Link

Can’t help it, this Watch Link is my go-to gift for many on my list. Now we can all connect to our Apple Watches and to the workout equipment. We have a smart bike we leave in the office for anyone’s use and the Watch Link connects to that too, along with our treadmill and rower. Love it with the fitness live group displays.


17. Iottie -Wireless Go Portable Battery Pack

Iottie portable battery pack
Wireless Go portable battery pack

You’ll love the iON Wireless Go portable battery pack. My favorite thing about this portable battery pack is that the case is covered in a soft fabric to protect the finish on your devices. If you’ve tossed your battery pack in your bag and gotten a scratch on your iPad screen (or whatever) — you will be happy to use this non-scratch covering. I love the soft gray color — but the ruby color is nice too.


18. Wasserstein Charging Station Compatible

wasserstein charging station
Wasserstein Charging Station Compatible

The Wasserstein Charging Station is compatible with the Sony Playstation — you’ll love it especially for your controllers. Sleek, clean, beautiful and easy to use. Very classy.


cooling station
Sony Playstation vertical cooling stand and controller charge

19. Sony Playstation vertical cooling stand and controller charger

You can charge two controllers at once or store them in this Sony Playstation Vertical cooling stand and controller charger. The controller charger keeps everything neat and tidy. It’s so easy to toss your controller in this holder at the end of your gaming that even your kids will keep things picked up. Everything looks so organized I don’t mind it being left out on the coffee table.


20. Travel Bag for Sony PlayStation and Xbox and Gaming Equipment

travel bag for playstation and xbox
Travel Bag for Sony PlayStation and Xbox

I can’t help it — everything for gaming I want to be put away in a bag — especially for travel. The Wasserstein Travel Bag is the one to get this year. I get tired of crying about lost equipment. My stuff is never lost because I wouldn’t ever leave without a travel bag like this one.  Very nice, well-padded carrier (which is always a worry). You’ll love the pockets with zippers on the outside to hurry and stuff in your extras when you’re in a hurry. I’ve dropped this case and nothing was broken or even nicked — a huge plus with the teenagers loading your vehicle. A must-have holder.

 Top Image Credit: PhotoMIX Company; Pexels; Thank you!

Inner Images Credit: These images came from the websites of the companies spotlighted and from our friends at Amazon; Thank you!

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