PirateParty looks to vpn for votes

The Pirate Party in Canada is considering launching a VPN services in face of the possibility that the Conservative party might win the current Canadian elections and who are expected to pass bill that according to them will “provide unprecedented systematic interception and monitoring of Canadians’ personal communications”. The Pirate Party are therefore “preparing to extend the services presently offered to residents of repressive regimes to protect the people affected by the aspiring dictator right here at home.”

“We will provide VPN service to Canadians at a rate of $10 / 200GB. For every paid account we open, we will also provide a free VPN account to a citizen of a nation with censored internet,” said party leader Mikkel Paulson today.

I believe this recent press release is just meant to give them some extra attention and a possible boost before the elections and its smart move I must say. While perhaps it is not the most important news to most people, I did need something to write to about! 🙂


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