Share your VPN with these DD-WRT routers

If you are one of the growing number of people who have several internet enabled devices at home such as a game console or TV and ever wondered how to get them to work with the VPN then here is the solution!

It’s called DD-WRT and it’s a open source firmware that can be installed or ‘flashed’ on many supported routers and besides being more powerful in general than the default router OS it has the ability to dial and share over NAT a PPTP vpn connection! I will not get into details on the flashing process, it can get complicated, but you can find info on that here.

I personally have a playstation, a Samsung internet enabled TV, a Sony smartphone and a Sony media player. I use a DD-WRT enabled router that is configured to dial and share my vpn and i switch between US or UK servers depending if i want to watch BBC iPlayer or HULU and Netflix etc.  My entire home is connected through a single vpn router but i suppose it’s a good idea to use at offices as well to cut costs by sharing a single account.

I recommend you get yourself a second router and NOT flash your current one. Setting up the PPTP connection on a second router is MUCH easier than using one router as your Internet AND vpn router. You can buy ready flashed routers from several places listed bellow but please know that a branded router such as Cisco /Linksys /Netgear etc. that has been modified to use DD-WRT  is void of any manufacturer warranty so i suggest you get a factory flashed router or take the risk.

DD-Routers – $89.99 inc free shipping worldwide (factory flashed with warranty)



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