Olympics 2012 on BBC and NBC

While i am not a sports fan in general,  many people will be watching the Olympics this year unless of course they can’t get coverage in their country or with commentry in English. While the BBC has a wonderful site here with live and recorded highlights of most events, it is available in the UK only (which sucks) and NBC is broadcasting it online in the USA. It should therefore come as no surprise that VPN providers are seeing a huge boost in sales since the opening ceremony on July 27 with many of them offering good deals during the events. This site has also seen a boost in traffic from related keywords. So use this site so find the right provider for you. Read the reviews, visit a few, compare and make your choice!

P.S. If you are like me and need to share the vpn on your network or connect to a Freeview box, Boxee or Sony Media Player get yourself a VPN compatible router from DD-Routers.com


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