YouTube is attempting to block your ad-blocker in new experiment – 2023-05-12 00:00:00 – Source link

Google continues to “experiment” with its advertising efforts as it looks like YouTube may begin looking for ad-blockers.

Reddit user Sazk100 posted a screenshot of a new popup on the YouTube subreddit (opens in new tab) telling them ad-blockers are no longer allowed on the website. As a result they were unable to watch videos. After getting the notification, YouTube gave Sazk100 two options: one) disable the ad-blocker or two) purchase a subscription to YouTube Premium. This does appear to be a real notice and not some prank. The moderator team on the subreddit claims a YouTube employee reached out to them confirming its legitimacy. Other outlets (opens in new tab) have had a YouTube spokesperson tell them the company is running a small global experiment urging users with ad blockers to allow ads or try YouTube Premium.

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