Zdnet recommends VPN to protect against Firesheep

Firesheep is the latest security threat to hit the internet and anyone using public Wi-Fi hotspots should REALY be concerned. Although it is based on traditional packet capturing, the makers of Firesheep managed to build a tidy little interface and plug-in for the Firefox browser making it one of the simplest hijacking tools ever. “Thanks to the Firefox plug-in Firesheep, anyone today can snoop on anyone else on the same network. Worst still, Firesheep enables any user to seamlessly hijack another user’s Web session” – Shearing Sheep Zdnet.com This doesn’t just mean they can only SEE what you are doing, they can now easily login AS YOU to any website you visited.  Although solutions are popping up to help stop Firesheep snooping, they are not easy to implement. The networking blog at Znet.com recently mentions VPNs as a great way to protect yourself from faling victim to firesheep. “Far more so than many Wi-Fi security measures, application proxies, or the Web-based security measures …., a VPN can keep your information safe all the way from your laptop to servers and back again” – A VPN to call your own Zdnet.com


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