Making money online with VPN

One of the easiest way of making money online is by promoting other people’s products or services. Affiliate programs are the most common and oldest way of doing this and are perfect for anyone looking for easy ways to generate a side income while keeping the initial costs to a minimum. I started out doing this many years ago promoting hosting companies, antivirus software, casinos and dating sites. In most cases they worked out and I got my monthly checks. However those markets are now saturated and you will need to fine a new niches products to promote and that’s where VPN accounts come in!

VPN accounts and now really popular and sell really well and require little effort to promote, a few Google ads or a link on your site or blog would be enough. VPN providers are willing to give you up to 30% of each sale as commission for referring buyers to them. That’s up to $18-20 per sale!

Here is a list of free affiliate programs you could join and most will payout with PayPal. I suggest you join them all and try out different ad campaigns and see which one works best for you.

Happy VPN:

Liberty VPN:

Banana VPN:


Strong VPN:

How much could you earn?

You will not get rich over night but with a carefully targeted Google Ads campaigns, several doorway/landing pages and an article on your website you could easily refer one buyer a day if not more. If you are promoting Banana VPN for example and the user buys a six month plan for $60, you get $18, multiplying by 30 gives you $540 per month for doing basically nothing!


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