Other uses for VPN

VPN accounts are a great way to bypass GEO-IP blocking on websites. Some websites like Hulu.com, Pandora, Fancast and many others only allow users from the USA to access the site. While others like ITV and Channel 4 only allow UK residents to watch tv online and most casino sites in the USA don’t allow Americans to play. By using a VPN account you will get a new IP address in the country that you want, so you can get a German IP and access US casino sites for example. Or use a UK VPN to access BBC iPlayer. This is also good i you want Youtube or Google to deliver results or content based on a different location. Bypassing P2P throttling is another major use of VPN accounts however most providers like Banana VPN, Blacklogic and VPNAccounts.com do not allow bittorrent or emule on their network. Other providers don’t mind but all the downloaders slow down their servers. If you need to bypass your ISP P2P throttling you should first ask your vpn provider if they allow it.

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