VPNReviews.com hits 16,000 visits for October!

Since I launched this site about two years ago, traffic has been flowing in and increasing month on month thanks to the growing vpn market and related Google searches. Stats for October ended with slightly over 16,000 visits! Activity on the site is mainly users who are researching for a vpn provider, clicking through to the reviews page and then going further to provider website to place an order. I have had no time to manage advertising on the site other than keep the Adwords running which doesn’t need any maintenance and even though I still get approached every day by new providers wanting ad rates or to be listed but I just have to put them aside for now until 2011 when I feel it will be time focus on the site. Just as a reminder, in order to maintain the quality of the links I will only list VPN sites that are:  a) Run by registered companies b) That have been in business at least one year c) Have full contact info on their website. The idea is to help protect buyers from anonymous unscrupulous illegitimate sellers. I had also wanted to build up the forum and small community of user but have not been able to find any time this year. The forum is there if you want to use it, and I encourage new users to ask questions and seek help and I will do my best to help out. /G


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