VPN in mainstream media

During the past 2-3 years VPNs have been growing in popularity mainly for their ability to bypass GEO-IP blocking on websites in the UK and USA. They were relatively unknown but are now being noticed by mainstream media as more and more users and looking to VPN to access sites like Hulu, Amazon, Spotify, Steam and online gaming networks to name just a few. Recently the New York Times mentioned VPN accounts as a way to access Spotify from outside Europe and Hulu from outside the US. It reports that until these sites and many others open up their digital content to the whole world, the the lost revenue will go to the VPN providers. Earlier this year the BBC UK on it’s You and Yours Radio programme also did a piece on VPNs referring specifically to it as a tool for online security and privacy.  If you know of any more mainstream media reports on VPNs like newspapers, magazines or tv news clips please post the links. Thanks!


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