Why use a VPN account?

VPN is one of the fastest growing internet services and for good reason too. They can be used for so many things, including things you wouldn’t think of at first. I started using them back in 2007 when visiting friends in the Unied Arab Emirates and discovered that Skype was blocked by the local ISP (Etisalat). Back then i used an account with company called Rox Networks but have since moved on Banana VPN to unblock sites and access Skype while abroad. Bellow are the main uses i could think of:

  • Hide your real IP
  • Secure you internet connection
  • Get an IP address in another country
  • Prevent spying in your office/work/school
  • Bypass proxies and filters
  • Access blocked sites (like in Thailand, UAE, Egypt etc.).
  • Access BBC iPlayer & Channel 4
  • Bypass ISP speed limits on P2P networks
  • Play online games, use Spype, MSN and ICQ
  • Prevent online attacks
  • You will look cool to your friends
  • And girls will like you even more! 🙂

If you can think of any more just add them in a comment.


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