Who needs a VPN account?

Anyone in the following countries can hugely benefit form using a VPN account: United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Belize, Mexico, China, India and Thailand. Anywhere that uses a proxy sever to censor your internet. Also anyone in the USA can use a VPN to prevent spying or attacks when using an unsecured WiFi connection. I have tested the speed from the Middle East using a US VPN provider and can confirm that surfing American sites is much faster with a VPN account (something to do with efficient routing and bypassing ISP throttling).

If you can’t wait for the full reviews then just go to Banana VPN and buy an account with them for only $14.99/month (special offer) , it works great from here in Dubai and the speeds are very good. Skype will work and you will have access to all blocked sites like Youtube, Flickr, Facebook, casino, sex, poker sites etc.

You can watch USA tv episodes online at hulu.com or use Pandora with a USA VPN or access the BBC iPlayer or similar sites using a UK based VPN.


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